growing up the type of love i was exposed to was typically a youthful and western interpretation. contrasting that with the relationship i witnessed between my parents, i often found myself wondering whether or not my parents actually loved each other.

this piece was inspired by my mother's name meaning moon and my father's name meaning ocean. like the relationship between these two forces, my parents' affection towards each other is not apparent. however, it does exist in a subtle way, a gentle rhythmic push and pull that culminates in a satisfying sort of synchronization.

even now, i struggle with understanding what love is. i know the version of it experienced by the majority of my peers and as it appears in the media can be genuine. but i also want to understand the forms of love that extend beyond this portrayal. love that is perhaps less acknowledged but just as passionate and worthy in every way.



Apparel: Bonny Cai

Model: Angela Kim & Kwa Jie Hao

Photo: Bonny Cai

Post-processing: Kwa Jie Hao