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A mother and daughter wander into the same dream, but soon realize they don’t dream in the same language. Through a series of struggles, miscommunications, and unexpected discoveries, they explore each other’s childhood memories- eventually creating a special, more intimate bond between themselves.

Postmemory refers to first-generation experiences that are passed on to the next generation “so deeply and affectively as to seem to constitute memories in their own right. Postmemory´s connection to the past is thus actually mediated not by recall but by imaginative investment, projection, and creation.” (Hirsch, 1990) This collection is inspired by the intersection of memory, identity, and dreams. A playful approach to design drawn from Issey Miyake’s spirited philosophy towards clothing is used to create artful pieces embodying light-heartedness, comfort, and intimacy. Sources of inspiration are also taken from the Japanese animation Kimi No Nawa, Amy Tan’s book The Kitchen God’s Wife, and Radiolab’s podcast episode on memory. Abstract forms and silhouettes drawn from traditional East Asian costume allow for clothing that, instead of decorating the body, is enhanced by the body. The muse is a vivid dreamer, both literally in their sleep and figuratively in their energetic approach to life. They are determined to educate themselves in order to reclaim personal culture, and meanwhile are warm and empathetic towards others. They are soft, but intensely passionate.