Lisa recently requested a revised statement so here it is. Also attached new concept images.


The garments draw from traditional East Asian costume for abstract forms and silhouettes that, instead of decorating the body, are enhanced by the body. A playful approach to design is inspired by Issey Miyake’s spirited philosophy towards clothing as something that is dynamic (i.e. is enhanced or transformed by movement/elemental forces). Intimacy is explored through utilizing cloth as a medium to connect people both with each other as well as to the garments. Some pieces physically encompass two beings while others are strategically lined to evoke specific sensation on the body.


A key concept tying these three components (memory, identity, and dreams) together is comfort. Or perhaps comfort isn’t quite the right word, for this is a sensation that sets the mood for the entire collection. It is the feeling of a bizarre warmth and home. A feeling that is unfamiliar and satisfying. Curiously familar? A distant fondness. A feeling that is very deep and a bit sad, but also incredibly vibrant. Sort of like a pocket of something special that stirs something deep inside of you because it feels like such a magical thing in that you experienced this but don’t remember where or how it was possible so you’re not sure if it was actually part of a dream that became memory or if it was an experience that is tucked deep in the back of your brain.

Ying Cai