I think I've thought of a new piece that I am inspired to make! So far I've been excited by three of my four looks, but I've thought of a way to transform the fourth look that should make it more interesting....

 Here is the muslin that I presented during midterm crit of look 4

Here is the muslin that I presented during midterm crit of look 4

I'm thinking of making it into an all denim look. I already know that I will make the pants out of denim for sure. The base will be a darker denim with strips of lighter frayed denim atop that will fall differently according to if the stripes are diagonal or vertical. For the top, however, I think I will try to pair it with a denim jacket and a linen shirt! I've been wanting to do something with a bit more elaborate seaming in it so I think this will be a good opportunity to do so.

Here are some of the inspiration images I am looking at, it'll be an oversized denim jacket. 

Sibyl has a really cool oversized jacket and of course, I'll also be using my mom's oversized denim jacket as inspiration too. The silhouette will be drawn from this traditional Qing dynasty robe that was inspired by Manchus. I saw this at the RISD museum so I might go back to copy the proportions... but looking at it against Anna Rose it looks super oversized, so I might make it just a bit smaller. The sleeves will have the wing pattern in denim patchwork!

Ying Cai