I've re-stumbled upon someone's work I find inspirational! Angie YooJin Kim is a RISD graduate from Textiles'16. I think her work really aligns with what I am trying to achieve in terms of drawing upon traditional East Asian (for her, Korean) elements and re-incorporating them in an intimate manner. 

I think that acknowledging that my work may be a bit more textiles heavy instead of pattern-making/ silhouette focused will help me compare myself less to work done by peers. I keep seeing all the pattern pieces that people have and feeling like i am not doing enough pattern-making or that my garments are too basic.

Reasons why I am drawn to Angie's work:

  • Colors are nostalgic, not too perfectly aligned yet it works somehow? Reminds me of haphazard way Asian American households are decorated.
  • There is a personal, soft, hand-touch quality to her work.
  • Her pieces are "cute" but not "cute-sy". There's something feminine and childish yet refined.
  • The craftsmanship is beautiful!
  • In general the feeling is homey, comfortable, raw... I think one thing I would change is to make it a bit more joyful/playful and that is what I am hoping to do in my collection.
Ying Cai