Oh dear...

... it's been a while since I've posted (over a month, oops!). I'm going to try my best to write each day from now on. I think reflecting on my collection this way will be helpful too.


I'm in a really difficult position right now in that I feel a bit disconnected from my work. The only piece I feel confident about right now is this jeogori butterfly jacket


Butterfly kite jacket.jpg

I think this is the piece that embodies what I am trying to achieve the most:

  • It draws from traditional East Asian clothing in a well-researched, in-depth manner. The silhouette is based off the traditional Korean women's jacket called a jeogori. The butterfly wing inspiration comes from the Japanese children's costume during the jidai matsuri (Festival of Ages).
  • It is unconventional in its use of transparent materials. 
  • I combine it with quirky elements such as the circle cut-outs as well as the ties.
  • It is dynamic in that the clothing is enhanced by movement
  • It relates to the concept of post-memory and iteration in the dual sleeve pattern
  • It feels childish and fun, yet elegant at the same time

I hope that I can remember these points as I continue designing so that I can feel happier about my work. I know a large reason I am so unhappy right now is because I keep comparing myself with other students. I'm really struggling with feeling as though my work doesn't attract as much attention or that other students look down on my work and it's making me really depressed

Ying Cai